Riise's first year as a Pharmacist was financially difficult, but he continued to fight undauntedly. Through hard work, and several business trips during the following year to North America, including New York, A.H. Riise succeeded to forge important links with several leading trade houses, and to make large purchases of goods to the pharmacy.

apotek interoir

Interior from A.H. Riises pharmacy

Equipped with a large stock of different kinds of items, especially pharmaceuticals, St. Thomas Pharmacy became known in all the surrounding Caribbean islands as a place where anything and everything was available that one may need in a household.

Later A.H. Riise traveled around most of the Caribbean, and eventually visited neighboring islands all the way down to Trinidad, partly for business purposes and to gather in provisions.

Back from these travels A.H. Riise often brought rare plants and herbs to St. Thomas and replanted them on returning home

Riise had a lively interest in botany and utilized with great skill the Caribbean's exotic flora and fauna for the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, alcohol and cosmetics. Among other things, Riise created the well-known Riise's Bay Rum, a scented water / perfume, who was a great contributory in A.H. Riise's future prosperity.

Charlotte Amalie Havn
Charlotte Amalie harbor, St. Thomas 1850

Thus, from A.H. Riise's Pharmacy Rum and Bitter was mixed from the West Indies and negotiated to customers, which was primarily used as a medicine for stomach ills, and other hardships.

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